Angry Goy: The Ethnic Cleansing Video Game (PC) 2017 Review


Wew lads. This game is bound to be one hell of a controversial free release when the mainstream news press catch wind of it for it’s violence and political nature. Indeed, this is a political game, although meant to be more as catharsis and satire than deep and original political commentary. I cannot really say the political aspect of the game, which will be appealing to people who agree with the motifs in the game and horrifying to those who don’t, ruins the game since the political aspect is inherent. Indeed, for this type of game, the right wing politics makes a good framework for this kind of ultra violence.

But putting the politics aside, especially since there is likely to be no shortage of kvetching about from mainstream news press, we should focus on the game itself.

So, what is Angry Goy all about? It’s a very simple set up: a young man gets angry at the state of his country and goes out to massacre every black, arab, jew and leftist he sees.  The creator of the game describes it as “one big shitpost”. Simple stuff. The actual gameplay is a very simple 2D sidescroller in the vein of Streets of Rage type beat em ups. However, the melee combat here is banal tapping of space until the enemy dies. The shooting is similarly basic and consists of holding space at the enemy until they die and occassionally reloading. This simplicity, whilst repetitive could be fine if not for sudden difficulty spikes,most notably when AK 47s start appearing. The levels around this point have unpredictable health kiosk placement and the game starts to swarm you with enemies to the point where it becomes very frustrating and trial and error. I almost feel like as if the game was balanced around a control scheme that the game does not possess, like say, mouse aimed shooting . You can also crouch but it seems random since there is no control over when it happens. Enemies can crouch too. The animation is also there. Why it’s not a part of the mechanics of the game I have no idea.

Also, when you die, the game plays clips, such as the infamous Barbara Spectre clip where she talks about jews being at the forefront of Europe’s “multicultural transformation.” Clips like these explain the 1GB file size of the game. Thankfully for those that have already seen these videos, they can be skipped.

There are a good variety of enemy types, at least in terms of sprites and sound bites. But their variety of behaviours is limited to: guy with melee weapon that whacks you repeatedly, guy with gun that stands and shoots you and guy who crouches and shoots you. Considering the game’s use of ethnic stereotypes, not having more enemy types, such as the stereotypical suicide bomber that should function like those AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH guys from the Serious Sam games, is a seriously missed opportunity that could heighten the type of offensive, humorous tone the game is going for, as well as the variety and overall fun factor.

In terms of the aesthetics of the game, it rocks a simple retro 2D aesthetic that looks a little like Hotline Miami as far characters are concerned. On the whole, it’s a clean look with good animations for the most part and fairly solid sprite work, as well as gore effects. There is also a good soundtrack in the synthwave style layered on top which falls short of elevating the carthatic feeling of the moment to moment play, not through any fault of the soundtrack, but because of the rigidity of the controls. As for the voice acting, the protagonist sounds like a discount version of the Postal Dude, but it’s fairly consistent. The humour of the game is also hit and miss. The backgrounds are often funny plays on jokes prevalent in the alt right, but the jokes in the dialogue fall flat more often then not; whether due to the script or delivery I do not know.

Overall then, Angry Goy is a political game that is fairly certain to gain it’s share of controversy, but when all is said and done, it is at best a competent release that could become a much more enjoyable one with mouse aim, more polished controls overall and a re balance in difficulty. For now, you’re better off playing the Postal games.



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